One Man, One Crown

In the depths of the dungeons of a castle lies a casket, by now covered in dust. It has been there for hundreds of years and that is how it must stay. None other knows of the casket, and the people who once knew what it held have been consumed by time. Today, only one man knows of the casket and he will guard it with his life, just as he was instructed to do those hundreds of years ago. He sits there, at the mouth of the dungeon cave, spear in one hand and his tiny musket ready at the hip should any intruders straggle by. Denied of food and water and other worldly pleasures he has learned to enjoy and take pride in his solitary watch. Every day it is the same and it has been centuries since anyone tried to disturb his guard. When this would happen, time would open its door to him and leave little bits of what he’d been missing out on. Otherwise, time seemed to leave him alone to do his job.

Each day he will feel the same temptation to open the casket and see what his life was guarding. And each day his hand would rest on the lid, before he would withdraw it to return to his post. Because knowing what was in the casket had not been part of his post.

So the days went on while time left him alone while he stood guard over Edinburgh’s most precious and unknown treasure. There were numerous times when he would hear footsteps nearing the dungeon but they would never be heard leaving the dungeon. When time crept in on him like this, he could feel the bones in his body creak of weariness and he would sometimes thing about giving up his post but one look at the golden crest sealing the casket kept him at his post. He may no know what was in the casket, but the golden crest confirmed him in its importance.

For hours on end he would stare at this crest and the name he would decipher would make him salute the thin air.

Never was he disturbed by time, which kindly saw the importance of his post and left him alone to guard his casket. And he is still there today, standing proudly, and ready to do what is necessary to defend the creaking casket.


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