Little Green Men

I got bored in class the other day and suddenly found myself inspired by St. Patricks days so I wrote this poem:

That time of year again
Noise in the street again
Out the window
Or over the hedge
Then what do you see
But really big rainbows
And little green men

The pot of gold is gone
And all that is left now
Is large men dressed in green
Prowling the streets
With their jugs of liquid gold

All the rainbows have gone
The streets are flooded
And try to remember the colours
From blue, to yellow, to red
But then what is to come next?
All that is visible is green

Shamrocks suddenly crowd the streets
Flee from the green streamers
Through doors and down alleyways
The little green man guides
But it is not to the end of the rainbow
But still to the pot of gold


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One response to “Little Green Men

  1. I see what you mean about writing poetry, sometimes it feels like you’re trying too hard. But then I remind myself that if people read it and can’t make sense of it, I just tell them “it’s poetry, it’s not necessarily meant to make sense”.
    And thank you, this was actually just something I found more interesting to write than to pay attention to our lecturer at the time, hehe.

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