Having a Hunger Craving?

Due to the lack of writing on my own part I decided to write a short recommendation, after I was recommended the books by a fellow blogger (you know who you are). I will try to write this as spoiler-free as possible, but I do apologize if I didn’t succeed, but now you have been warned.

I just recently finished the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins and I must say the reviews of the trilogy kept to their word. It truly kept my hanging by every page by every chapter.

The first book starts out by introducing a somewhat corrupt future where oppression is a much abused way of keeping people in check, and even more gruesomely done, it is upheld by enlisting children to slaughter each other for other people’s amusement. I think at first hand you think the idea brutal and horrific that was how I viewed it and every killing (because that is unavoidable) is even more brutal than the last one. You can’t help but empathize with the character Katniss Everdeen, who continuously seems to think of everyone other than herself. Yet she manages to survive for the course of three books.

It is funny how some books tend to be on your to-read-list for several weeks, months, sometimes even years before you get around the reading them. This trilogy for example had been on my list for at least 6 months before I pulled myself together and read them. A reason that held me somewhat back, was the review by Stephenie Meyer on the cover, and though I admit I have read the Twilight books, her recommendation didn’t say much for it on my part. Don’t get me wrong, the Twilight story was a great one but that is as far as it goes, story-wise. So a review from Stephenie Meyer didn’t vouch for much in my books. It wasn’t until  after a warm recommendation from our fellow blogger (you still know who you are), who said they had consumed three or four days of her life, that it lead me to believe there must be something good about them and I decided to give them a chance. Honestly, I believe my boyfriend found me slightly irritating at some times because I just had to read the next chapter, I simply had to find out what would happen next. This was also partly because Collins manages to write nearly every chapter as a tiny cliff-hanger, leaving you wanting more.

Another reason that pushed me to read the books now was the fact that just like every other piece of fantasy fiction going around this is meant to be adapted to the big screen in the spring of 2012. I figured if I started now I would have plenty of time to finish the books before the films came out, turns out I was right. But just like every other piece of fiction that has been adapted to the big screen it has a large amount to live up to, which I think goes without saying if you decide to read the books, which, if you choose to, you should do before the film. As I always wish to do before any film adaptation.


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